World Quantum Day: Meet our researchers and play The Qubit Game

As a quantum engineer, I know how confusing quantum computing can sound. Qubits? Entanglement? Magic state distillation? I also know how much potential quantum computing has to help solve big problems, ranging from helping us understand the world better by simulating quantum systems, to broad industrial applications like more efficient energy production or designing medicines to cure diseases and solve major public health issues. If we’re going to solve those problems, we’re going to need a lot more help.

  1. We need more students pursuing careers building or using quantum computers, and understanding what it would be like to be a quantum scientist or engineer.
  2. We need experts in several fields (from quantum chemists to physicists to computer scientists) to help us understand how quantum computing might be applied to their work.
  3. We need to help the broader public explore how quantum computing could transform their lives in a realistic way.

And for me, that’s what World Quantum Day is all about: showing everyone what quantum computing really is and how they can get involved.


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