What’s beta than Android 13?

We’re also helping you be more deliberate about how you engage with apps. While app notifications often provide helpful and timely reminders, you should have more control over which apps you want to receive notifications from. In Android 13, apps must get your permission before sending you notifications. In addition, we’re reducing the number of apps that require your location. For example, you will no longer need to grant location to apps to enable Wi-Fi scanning.

Android 13 goes further to help you stay ahead of risks, with timely recommendations and options to enhance your privacy. You already receive an alert when an app accesses your clipboard. Now, Android will go further and automatically delete your clipboard history after a short period so apps are preemptively blocked from seeing old copied information.

Later this year, we’ll introduce a unified Security & Privacy settings page in Android 13 that brings all your device’s data privacy and security front and center. This will provide a clear, color-coded indicator of your safety status and offer guidance and steps you can take to boost your security.


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