Schneider Electric secures its teams through Android Enterprise

We manage devices in over 117 countries. Android Enterprise has helped us shift to new working styles and embrace employee choice and work-life balance with powerful controls that meet our security needs. By enrolling personal devices with the Android work profile, we know that we are not only protecting our data and services, but we can prove to our employees that, with the work profile, “What you have here is your work life, what you have here is your personal life.” And that has revolutionized the way our teams use their mobile devices.

Security is at the core of everything we do, both from the perspective of servicing our customers and protecting our own corporate resources. So when we talk about implementing security and management services through Android Enterprise, it’s fundamental to get those basics right. Through Android Enterprise, we have powerful tools for safeguarding devices — like preventing the installation of unknown applications, disabling debug mode and preventing devices from being rooted. Putting these requirements and other key security configurations in place for both personal and company-owned devices is essential for our global business.

Thanks to the flexibility of Android Enterprise, we can also support a wide range of device use cases. For some employees, we use fully-managed mode for devices dedicated to specific tasks. Others who only want one phone for work and personal use can use a device with the work profile. And with managed Google Play, we can make both internal and public apps available on devices.


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