Recognizing EU Green Week | Meta

To help people take action against climate change, we’ve organised the following events during EU Green Week, to meaningfully contribute to the ambition of making the EU Green Deal a reality. 

EU Green Week’s Edition of Guide to Green for SMEs

Small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) play a critical role in Europe’s journey towards a more sustainable future. Research from “The Sustainability Imperative” by YouGov in 2021 shows, 77% of consumers in EMEA consider how sustainable a brand is before even trying it. This is why it’s important that owners of SMEs are well informed and supported in their efforts to run a sustainable business. The Guide to Green is our European programme in collaboration with the SME Climate Hub and partners throughout Europe, which provides several trainings and resources to help SMEs grow their business sustainably. So far in 2022, we have launched the programme in France and Italy, with Germany, Portugal and more to come by the end of the year. 

The Green Week edition of Guide to Green will include European SME case studies from Slovenia (Treecelet) and Italy (Green Energy Service), training sessions and discussions with EU experts such as the European Sustainable Business Federation, EU policymakers and Iron Roots, a Dutch sustainable apparel SME.

Climate Communications NGO Summits

In partnership with sustainability-focused NGOs, we’re hosting three civil society training sessions in Brussels, Paris and Madrid. The Summits, for both beginners and experts, will provide guidance and training on how to use digital technologies and social media to communicate and encourage action on sustainability. NGOs will have the opportunity to learn how to grow their online community, recruit new supporters or volunteers, leverage Meta’s Charitable Giving Tools and increase awareness of their cause.

Meta EU Conversations

We’re hosting an EU Green Week edition of Meta EU Conversations. They will focus on the role of social and immersive technology to empower the younger generation to engage on causes that matter to them, using the example of climate change. For activists representing environmental and youth organizations, as well as business and governmental institutions, it’s also the opportunity to consider the responsibility of tech companies to contribute to the green transition and a more sustainable future. As a part of this commitment, Data for Good at Meta launched its first Climate Change Opinion Survey last year, in collaboration with the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication. The yearly-conducted survey explores public climate change knowledge, attitudes, policy preferences and behaviors across different countries in the world and can support organisations to tailor communication campaigns that could increase the adoption of renewable energy, address public concerns and fill knowledge gaps. This years’ edition, launching at the end of June, will contain insights from around 180 countries and territories, a substantial increase from the 30 countries samples in 2021.


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