Making VR More Social With Meta Horizon Home

For years, Home has existed as a transitory space. Home is the first thing you see when you put on your Meta Quest headset, and a familiar place to return to when you’re done exploring Zenith: The Last City or finished your latest Demeo dungeon crawl. But whether Home looked like a snowy mountain cabin or a cyberpunk apartment, it was always a solo experience.

We want to change that. Last year at Connect, Mark Zuckerberg shared our vision for Meta Horizon Home—your personal gateway to the metaverse. A place to hang out with friends, to customize and make your own, we want Meta Horizon Home to be a place you make memories in and not just one you arrive in when you’re done making memories.

With v41, we’re taking a step towards that long-term vision. As part of this update, we’ll begin gradually rolling out the ability to invite friends to your Meta Horizon Home environment and hang out, coordinate your next gaming session, and even launch your group straight into supported multiplayer experiences (including Beat Saber, Demeo, and Echo VR).

Or pop some popcorn and settle in for a virtual movie night! In Meta Horizon Home, you can relax with friends and watch films, documentaries, and concerts on-demand via Oculus TV. Watch Alex Honnold climb breathtaking cliff faces in The Soloist VR, explore the International Space Station in ADAPT Space Explorers: The ISS Experience, or introduce friends to your old favorites like Tokyo Origami and David Attenborough’s First Life.

As we said, this is just the first step towards our long-term vision. We’ll be adding more features and improving the experience over time. But we hope this makes it easier for you to get together with friends and family in VR in the short term—and has you excited for what’s to come!


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