From rural India to the world: These women make the news

We’ve created ways for international organizations, such as universities and NGOs, to subscribe to our content on a ‘bulk’ basis, where organizations purchase a subscription for their employees, students or partners. This is helping us solidify our revenues and give our work a profile on national and global platforms. Our journalism is clearly resonating more widely – to date, we’ve sold 125 of these “corporate” subscription plans.

Simultaneously, we have revamped the subscription package at Khabar Lahariya so that it offers more than just in-depth multimedia stories. Our material focused on young people — including girls, caste minorities, gender minorities and LGBTQI — and quickly increased our subscriber base by just over 10%. Plus we have accumulated over 13,000 followers on Instagram.

We are also gaining recognition for our work in other areas of the media where it has been featured in the award-winning documentary Writing with Fire, described by the Washington Post as “the most inspiring journalism movie – maybe ever.


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