Explore resilience in the face of the California wildfires

Big Basin is California’s oldest State Park, established in 1902 and today covering over 18,000 acres. It includes some of the most beautiful terrain in the coastal ranges from lush canyons and waterfalls to sparse hilltops with magnificent views. Big Basin is perhaps best known for its majestic stand of coastal redwoods, many of which are easily accessible on the Redwood Grove Trail that features named trees such as the Mother of the Forest that soars 282 feet above the forest floor. This grove suffered tremendous damage, but the natural resilience of the coastal redwoods means that almost all will survive unlike the historic Headquarters Administration Building and other structures that were completely destroyed. Overall 97% of the park suffered damage from the fire but the work to rebuild has already begun with the removal of over 25,000 dead trees and the beginning of the planning process for a reimagined park design.


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