Community in times of need: DevFest for Ukraine

Each year, Google Developer Groups (GDGs) come together for DevFest conferences around the world – not only to exchange knowledge and share experiences, but also to get inspired, celebrate the community and simply be together. It’s a cheerful gathering, focused both on technology and the people behind it.

GDGs in Ukraine organized the first DevFest in 2012. After 10 years of building a thriving community, 2022 turned out to be different for thousands of Ukrainian developers. Ever since the anti-aircraft sirens woke them up for the first time on February 24, many in the tech industry have been working non-stop for the sake of their country – helping refugees, providing medical assistance to those in need, and trying to work from bomb shelters. Luckily, they’re not alone.

Help from all sides

The developer community in Ukraine and abroad decided to use the DevFest conference to raise awareness and funds for those in need. “This time, because of the war in my country, DevFest Ukraine is happening for Ukraine,” says Vitaliy Zasadnyy, co-founder of GDG Lviv. “It’s a brilliant way to celebrate the future of technology, learn new things, connect with other tech experts and raise funds for a good cause.”


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