5 apps making their mark in Asia Pacific and beyond

Magic Tiles 3

Developer: Amanotes, Vietnam

Listed on Play: February 2017

This musical game app quickly found fans in the U.S., Japan, Brazil and Russia. Magic Tiles 3 is designed to let anyone — even those without a musical background — play instruments like the piano, guitar and drums on their smartphone. You can choose from over 5,000 songs across genres like pop, rap, jazz and electronic dance music, and compete in an interactive game with others around the world.

Mom Sitter

Developer: Mom Sitter, Korea

Listed on Play: September 2021

Mom Sitter, a platform connecting parents with babysitters, topped the Play Store’s childcare category in Korea last year. But it didn’t actually start as a mobile app. It was founded as a website to help parents find babysitters while they were at work or when daycare centers were too full. After attending the ChangGoo program, Google’s training program for developers and startups in Korea, the Mom Sitter team learned they could reach more people if they went mobile. Today, caretakers all over the world use their services. “Childcare issues concern not only working women but everyone who raises children, and it’s important that they can find support,” says Jeeyea Chung, founder of Mom Sitter.


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